Car Crash is an exciting game with realistic physics and excellent three—dimensional graphics, in which you have to test the strength of the car by breaking it in various ways!

  • Crash cars
  • Get coins for it
  • Buy cars and cards
  • Crash cars again!

The machines are controlled by standard WASD keys or arrows on the keyboard.

  • C – change the camera view
  • In the standard first view, you can rotate the camera with the mouse.
  • Space – handbrake
  • Left Shift – Nitro (for advertising)

There are buttons on the game screen:

  • Level reset (R key)
  • Main menu (H key)
  • Time dilation (T key)
  • It is more convenient to perform these actions from the keyboard, but you can also click on the buttons with the mouse.
  • To make the mouse visible – press the Escape or TAB key.

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