Khuda Gawah – Super Hit Action Hindi New Dubbed South Indian Full Movie

Khuda Gawah – Super Hit Action Hindi New Dubbed South Indian Full Movie Watch Khuda Gawah – Bollywood Action Drama Full length Movie .
Star Cast : Vijaykanth, Ashima Bhalla, Rajat Bedi.
Synopsis : The movie is a regular cop story with the law-abiding, honest police officer vishal trying to take on the corrupt forces in politics. Vishal plays a tough cop with a dark and disturbing past. Vishal, an assistant police commissioner is shocked to realize on one of his missions that the culprit of that crime is none other than an ex-police commissioner and his mentor (upendra) who had failed to set things right as a policeman in his khakee uniform. HE challenges him to prove that one can find a solution through legal ways as well. Watch ‘RETURNof khakee’ to find out who wins.he decides to become a cop after his earlier experiences with corrupt politicians. His investigations on serial killings in the city lead him to a shocking revelation, linking him to his past. He also uncovers a political conspiracy, several accounts of corruption and crime. Willing to take up these challenges, he falls into the centre to a dangerous maze. How he extricates himself and brings the criminals to the forefront form the crux of the story.

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