Hindustaani Yodha (2011) – Nagarjuna, Sneha, Shweta Menon | South Indian Dubbed | English Subtitle

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The feudal society is under the vice-like grip of an aristocratic family and its head, a Dorasani (Shwetha Menon) is controlling her village under with his vice grip, and often humiliates Mallamma (Baby Annie), who is the darling of the village. She develops an attachment to a tree in the village which is regarded pious by the villagers. When she sings a song in the Dorasani’s house, Dorasani is enraged.
Intolerant of her skills, she declared that Mallamma cannot sing else she will be killed. However, Mallamma chooses to defy the order, and refuses to run for her life. Will she be able to save herself?

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