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Maanikya is a 2017 New Blockbuster South Indian Full Hindi Action Movies Starring Sudeep

The movie begins with a girl collecting funds for an organization in Singapore. A goon gives her money and then chases her at night when she goes home. Then Vijay (Sudeep), enters and resolves the conflict without fighting. The girl introduces herself as Manasa (Ranya Rao). They slowly become friends. But one day she asks Vijay to leave her and go as she fears that if their relationship develops any further, separation would be painful. He then goes back to India and influences Manasa’s brother to a large extent. In his conservative and ancestral village, Vijay changes everyone’s viewpoint and makes them more lovable.

Eventually, Manasa expresses her love for him, but Vijay hesitates. It is then revealed that he was born to their rival’s family. His father (V. Ravichandran) wanted to change the people of his village. But his mother Lavanya (Ramya Krishnan) didn’t want to stay there, so she left him. When Vijay goes there, he falls in love with Sindhu (Varalaxmi Sarathkumar).

He starts taking revenge on the Manasa’s family without revealing his identity. Then they decide to marry Vijay with Sindhu because they both are in love with each other. During the marriage, the Inspector tells his father that the enmity is rekindling because his son is taking revenge on the rivals. Soon afterward, the rivals come and start killing everyone. After the fight, it is known that Vijay’s mother dies. His father banishes him and blames her death on him. The story is now back to the present. Manasa’s uncle challenges Vijay that if he can defeat his men then he too would follow nonviolence. After successfully defeating them, her uncle asks Vijay that if he could defeat the rival’s son (not knowing that it was Vijay himself) he would marry Manasa to Vijay.

Vijay gets angry at his stubbornness and reveals his true identity. He starts fighting with Manasa”s brother. For the rest of the story, you need to watch this super blockbuster Film of 2017

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