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Mumbai-based Rahul Kapoor, his wife, Mitali, and daughter, Komal, attend a party at the residence of their friends, Jolly and Jaswinder Saxena. Also present is Rahul’s friend, Amit, and his rather upset wife, Nandini. This is where Rahul will indulge in quite a few alcoholic drinks, then meet and be attracted to a gorgeous young woman whose name maybe Sophia. The next day he wakes up with a hangover, unable to re-locate what happened the night before. Fearing that he might have been more than indiscreet, he discusses this in detail with Amit and Jaswinder – and slowly realizes that they were not the only ones who were aware that he was with Sophia – amongst the others who maybe aware could be his wife. More shocks and surprises await him when he decides to delve deeper and goes to meet with Sophia.

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  • Anuradha Gupta

    I liked d movie lot, infact I admire real fun factual cinema of pritish nandy, again Neha s Superb sultry bomb sexy actress, her facecut has it all, I like her Delhi style real acting, it dsnt Matter if she isn't hit like Katrina , I d t like her much either, Neha s more clean in her Expressions than many hit actresses, even now wen she s healthy , may b due to thyroid or other health issues, she s going stunning in roadies rising. love u lot Neha. Ur face s marvelous, it brings out d lesbian in me

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