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Hindi dubbed movies 2016 full movie LIFE, “Zindagi Ajeeb Hai” South Indian Movies Dubbed in Hindi Full Movie 2016 New
Starring: Niyaz, Sarangi, Director: Leon K Thomas, Producer: T B Vinod, Cinematography: K V Suresh, Screenplay: Leon K Thomas.

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Synopsis: Sudhi (Niyaz) and Meenakshi (Sarangi) is a happy couple who understands and loves each other very much. Sudhi is a businessman and Meenakshi a software engineer. Their son Pappoos (Master Aryan) is in the primary class. They have a happy life.

It is then that in a sudden turn of events Meenakshi has to take Liya (Deepthi Nair) to their home. Liya is a Plus one student at Appoos’ school. Meenakshi sees Liya as her own daughter. Liya is a loving girl from an ordinary family.

Soon Liya and Sudhi are attached to each other and that disrupts the family life of Sudhi. What follows is narrated in ‘Life’ written and directed by Leon K Thomas. Saddique Kodinji produced ‘Life’ in the banner of Shah Media Entertainment.


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