India Indu horror shows RAW Agent allegedly christian martyr

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@Nigrairide –how can be: a gay Rothschild: If you have not understood yet that I am the strongest? that is, a man alone: against the whole NWO-IMF? lol. this is also more: of a clear demonstration of God! the infinite mercy of God? is like a death trap and merciless: for all the children of darkness like you! it will follow the infinite justice: You will explode again: forever: without dying. if you can not see God in me: and in all things? You are truly the most miserable person. the waiting time: from your last trip: of to: Synnek1? the time is right to open a new brouser! because, Satanists do not have permission to use this page! and then you’ll never be a true Satanist: you lick: too many vaginas, and their excrement, and then you drink a: too little blood: of Pork: @Synnek1 — IDIOT! you are Nigrairide: .. why, satanists do not have permission to stay on this page .. so is obvious: the CIA, which manages the Satanists: by mandate of the IMF. you are a coin totally false: in fact you’re the CIA: namely Satanists of Rothscild: 666 + 322, FOR is, the fault of your: Nigrairide: Rothschild and that all your? has lost the right to be my co-workers: and to be listed: in the priestly classes in Israel.. for me? there can be no criminal: nice .. you’ll never be my friend.. satanists are all criminal. @Synnek1 — IDIOT! you are Nigrairide.. why, satanists do not have permission to stay on this: youtube/youtube: page .. so is obvious: the CIA, which manages the Satanists: by mandate of the IMF: FOR is, the fault of your: Nigrairide: Rothschild and that all your? has lost the right to be my co-workers: and to be listed: in the priestly classes in Israel
[India shit] you think: When: Pariahs or Dalits [(untouchables, oppressed): ie: outside the caste: ie, in your criminal: system: social and religious Hindu: ie: Satanism of the reincarnation: of your racism: that is: only a shameful: for exploitation of slavery.]] if, Dalits convert to another religion? for to be free.. So, in that case: they are all forced conversions .. but, when under sentence of death, etc. .. you compel them to return: to be: of happy slaves: back: damn: Pariah or Dalits: again [(untouchables, oppressed): again? then, only in that case: the conversions are free!? lol. The India can never become a great nation! why: is Gandhi, that: I’ve heard crying in Paradise! ignorance and superstition: the criminal violence, deceit and abuse of power: are your eternal disgrace!

Nigrairide SAID: You crucified God. And still have That Is not Enough! – Answer- [to all: leader, elite politicians, Freemasons, rich] If God in his: 1. infinite mercy, has not hesitated to kill himself, like: God JHWH can torture you all, through: its: 2. Infinite Justice? if you take: the Satanist more cruel than: that: kill and slaughter: of 30 corpses: at a time, and then, aiding you do: to him, how they suffer in hell: people: even: only: for 30 seconds? he will friar: in a convent: of cloistered in fear! but: is this your problem: God does not want the cowards: like you, between his feet: and: I do not want: also! for this my revelation: you have lost: the right to be: between my ministers or be in the lists: of the priestly classes: for my Jewish Temple! Rothiscild: so far I have hoped to love you like a brother, but the truth is this: you and all your? You are of the shameful people!
Abraham said: “Son of God: my son: Unius Rei, you do not do harm to your: fellow and brothers: Jews and Muslims” – ANSWER – OK, ABRAHAM FATHER, MY FATHER, if, muslims and jews : WILL MAKE THEM: THE GOOD GUYS? i will make all of their: of the brothers happy! we are all together: again one time: one only family, in Jerusalem and throughout the world!
@ Nigrairide -you know what he did: your mom youtube? youtube was coming: to delete your message: on my page, in fear: that: I could do to you: the bad .. Loveof darkness, that is pathetic!
PAKISTAN.[assassini salafiti] 02/17/2012 16:46. Lahore Court rejects application under blasphemy law in Catholic institute demolition case. by Jibran Khan. Judges reject Zenobia Richards’ appeal. She was a resident of the Gosh-e-Aman Institute, which was destroyed on orders of the Punjab government. She based her claim on the destruction of copies of the Bible, a rosary and a statue of the Virgin Mary. The Church has been silent over the matter. A Lahore Catholic says more courage is needed to defend rights. Lahore (AsiaNews) – The High Court rejected an appeal filed by Zenobia Richards, 61, a resident of the former Gosh-e-Aman (place of peace) Institute. The Catholic-run institution, which was open to Christians and Muslims, was demolished on 10 January on orders of the Punjab provincial government. burn satan scit u sang da ngan, drink your poison made by yourself: in Jesus’s name amen alleluia


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